More than a job

Do you want your future career to be more than your everyday role? If so, there's an array of opportunities at Deloitte
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Do you want your future career to be more than your everyday role? If so, listen closely, as there's an array of opportunities at Deloitte.


*Ama Afrrifa-Kyei *

Assistant Manager/Advisor to employee engagement and diversity inclusion

Why did you get involved with diversity networks?

I grew up in a family that's always been involved in community affairs/investment and I've always wanted a career that involves these elements. When I was growing up I found the support given at school/college and university, in terms of options, choice and direction, limiting. Mentors weren't a big thing back then. This is what motivates me now to get involved and help others, particularly the younger generation.

Why is it important to have diversity networks?

It's important to have diversity networks at a firm like Deloitte because people should feel a part of or an affinity to something - a shared sense of purpose, and that there's an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, especially because you spend so much of your time at work.

What networks are there at Deloitte?

There are nine diversity networks here. Four of them are faith networks - Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Hindu. Then we've got the multicultural network, women's network, LGBT network (GLOBE), parents and carers network and our disability network (Workability). I'm the network lead for the Multicultural Network and a member of the steering committee groups for the women's and disability network.

*How do they help people? *

Our networks help drive and shape the firm's diversity and inclusion agenda. They are involved in a lot of things; for example hosting events which range from internal, to client or graduate recruitment events. Most of our networks are also involved in mentoring programmes internally or as part of community investment, or both.

How big are the networks?

With more than 2,500 members, our networks provide our people with a shared sense of belonging, help them balance their working and non-working lives - and help to build bridges between our talent and the world outside the firm. Each network is sponsored at partner level, has a network lead and steering committee. Our networks are pretty big! A snapshot example - our women's network has over 1000 members, the multicultural and Hindu network each have over 400, and the faith groups have a few hundred each. There's a flexible approach to the networks - you can be as involved as you like.

How do I decide whether to join one?

When you join the firm, you can do a bit of window shopping to see what you might like to get involved with. Participation is not confined to just the members or exclusive groups. Our networks are open to/for everyone to take part in and contribute to - it's an open forum for all to come and share, learn and network, enhancing diversity & inclusion within the firm. If you find out who the key people are in a network you're interested in, you can contact them and ask them questions. They'll be more than happy to go for a coffee and a chat.


Danny Bowerin

London 2012 Communications Manager

How is Deloitte involved with the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games?

Deloitte is the official professional services provider to the London 2012 Games - so we're at the heart of their delivery. We first got involved back in 2003 and by the time we've done, we'll have been working on it for a decade. So far, we've provided over 250,000 hours of expertise to the Organising Committee, and will have devoted 750,000 by the time we're finished. We're also very proud of Deloitte Disability Sport, which we've been working on since 2006.

Why is Deloitte sponsoring the London 2012 Games?

It's the ultimate way for us to showcase the breadth and depth of our capabilities. It also provides us with fantastic opportunities to enhance the experience of working for Deloitte. For example, we've just selected 50 people to be �Games Makers", to be part of the 70,000 strong volunteer force that London 2012 will call upon during the Games. Volunteers will be the face of London 2012, and will perform a wide variety of roles to ensure the Games go smoothly.

Why did you decide to get involved with the London 2012 Games?

I've always wanted to work in sport; it's always been a big part of my life. The professional services side of the work is great as well. I really like the combination of sport and what we can contribute as a sponsor - and being involved in the London 2012 Games is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What is Deloitte Disability Sport?

Deloitte Disability Sport works in three areas - participation, performance and podium. At grassroots level, we worked with ParalympicsGB to set up a website called Parasport (www.parasport.org.uk), which helps young disabled people discover which sports suit them best and where they can play them. We provide hundreds of bursaries to talented disabled athletes, and Deloitte Ride Across Britain, which sees 600+ people every year cycling the length of the country, is raising money for ParalympicsGB.

How many people get to work on sports projects at Deloitte?

Around 500 people at Deloitte already have Olympic or Paralympic work on their CVs because of the firm's involvement with the London 2012 Games. We've got people at every level and from every department working on it.

What has been your personal highlight so far of the firm's involvement with the London 2012 Games?

June 20 last year. I stood at Land's End and watched the riders complete their nine day journey from John O'Groats. We raised over �350,000 for ParalympicsGB through the inaugural Deloitte Ride Across Britain, and it was the most beautiful sunny day. Emotions were running high, and there was even a marriage proposal at the finish line! I think that the best is yet to come though - the London 2012 Games next year.


Bob Thust

Community Investment Senior Manager

Lura Hayes

Community Investment Champion

How does Deloitte invest in the community?

When people think about community investment, many of them imagine us just writing out cheques to people - but it's not like that at all. We follow a partnership model, so we work hard to deliver real and sustainable impact for both parties: a genuine win:win. We help our partner charities with fundraising, deliver our skills through volunteering and offer our regular services on a pro bono basis to ensure a lasting difference. We also help increase the profile of our partners through connections to our clients and contacts and through high-profile events.

Who do you work with in the community?

We work with a number of charities, but our three national partner charities for this year, chosen by our employees, are Cancer Research UK, Children with Leukaemia and Help for Heroes. We recently organised an expedition for 100 staff up Mount Kilimanjaro which raised �475,000 for them, which was absolutely amazing. We also held a Strictly Come Dancing style event where people from the firm took to the dance floor, which, as well as raising a lot of money for charity, was really good fun for all involved. As well as these national charities, we also work with ParalympicsGB and SportsAid as part of our commitment to disability sport, the African Rainforest Trust through which we are helping conserve a vital area of bio-diverse rainforest in Tanzania and a range of smaller, local charities through each of our regional offices.

How do people at Deloitte get involved with community investment?

We have around 350 �Champions"� spread across the departments at Deloitte, who dedicate several hours out of their working week to organising community investment projects. Every office in London has its own champion who will direct people towards opportunities to get involved. More than 3,000 of our employees gave their time to community projects last year and over 50 per cent were actively involved in fundraising activity. We support employees in what they want to do - we have a payroll giving scheme that attracts up to 40 per cent matched funding from the firm, we will match-fund individual challenges up to �500 and we allow each employee up to half a day a month to work on approved community programmes.

Will getting involved with community investment help my career at Deloitte?

Absolutely. Getting involved with community investment shows that you're a rounded individual and gives you the opportunity to do things that you might not get to do in your day job, for example, managing people, getting exposure to senior people and developing your mentoring abilities. These are valuable transferable skills that you will be able to use to further your career here.

Is there any formal recognition of involvement in community investment?

For significant projects and programmes those involved will receive formal feedback that forms part of their year-end appraisal. We've also recently set up our Leader in Society Awards, which recognise involvement in community investment. Winners get commendations, bronze, silver or gold awards and receive extra funding for their project or passion. Last year we gave out over 100 awards to people across all departments and at a variety of levels across the firm.

With regards to application dates we are open all year round and applications open on July 1 each year for both undergraduates and graduates. All applications need to be made online at *www.deloitte.co.uk/graduates***

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