City life is a rollercoaster - can you take the pace?

There'll be highs and lows in quick succession working in the Square Mile. Hold on tight, and try The Gateway's quiz to see if you'll enjoy the thrills - and stay the course
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1. It's your first week in a new team - and you're needed in Tokyo right now. Your boss gives you two hours to get home, pack your stuff and get on the next flight from Heathrow (first class of course, so you can hit the ground running). How do you react?

  • a) With horror. How can you possibly pack properly in an hour?
  • b) Roppongi's finest bars, here you come. And on the way out, you persuade your boss to let you swing by Los Angeles on the way home.
  • c) You're glad to get involved on a high- profile deal so quickly, and are excited about seeing Japan.
  • d) You make sure your secretary books you a hotel room with no traffic noise. ###

2. What does money mean to you?

  • a) You're pretty frugal.
  • b) Fun, fun, fun!
  • c) Living expenses, investments - and maybe a few treats at bonus time.
  • d) Savings.

    3. What do you think about your department's annual freebie ski weekend?

  • a) It's a waste of profits.

  • b) You're first in line when your head of department is buying that fifth round of glühwein.

  • c) Spending a few days falling over in the snow is certainly a great bonding experience.

  • d) A grim necessity.

    4. You're working long hours and the arrival of the cleaners means you can officially say you've done an all-nighter. You hit Starbucks, and then spill coffee all over your shirt! You need to look super-smart for the big meeting in an hour. What's your plan?

  • a) You can't go - you need to go home to get a change of clothes.

  • b) You buy a new suit and bill it to the client.

  • c) No problem. You have a spare outfit in your cupboard in case of just such mishaps.

  • d) You button up your jacket and head in - this meeting is too important for any distractions.

    5. You're in the final stages of your deal when an office power cut means you're left armed only with your mobile. The show must go on as the market won't wait, so how do you cope?

  • a) It's impossible. No can do.

  • b) You take a deep breath, think of the celebrations to come, and press on somehow.

  • c) You make a few calls, and manage to get other parties involved on the deal to help you out.

  • d) You switch on the dust-covered fax machine.

    6. It's the closing dinner in a swanky City eaterie! First up is an unidentifiable amuse-bouche. How do you react?

  • a) If you don't know if you like it, you're not going to eat it.

  • b) You had a bad sea urchin experience on your trip to Tokyo, but generally you're up for anything, food-wise.

  • *c) *It's a good talking point, which helps you get chatting to the client.

  • d) You gulp it down, and look at your watch.

    7. It's on to a karaoke bar - and your client wants your team to join in. What'll your song be?

  • a) No, thanks.

  • b) "Don't Stop Me Now"

  • c) "Walking on Sunshine"

  • d) "I Did It My Way"

    8. Your deal's up for an award! How do you react?

  • a) You're busy already that night.

  • b) You get your best party outfit dry-cleaned.

  • c) You make a few calls to gossip about who else has been nominated.

  • d) You start drafting a lengthy acceptance speech.

    Mostly a):


You'd rather not be here at all. The chop and change culture drives you mad, and you can't see the point of the sweeteners on offer. As predictability is more important to you than money, maybe you'd be better off outside the City.

Mostly b):

*Corkscrew *

For you, it's all about the rewards. You find your role tough at times, but you're happy again when the champagne's cracked open or you buy that pair of designer shoes. But remember, unless you like your job too, the money will never be enough.

Mostly c):


City life's a breeze. Yes, your job's fast-paced, and occasionally difficult, but your enjoyment of the work and camaraderie with your colleagues and clients gets you through - and the salary and perks help... Buy yourself something nice - you deserve it!

Mostly d):


You're battling to reach the top in your chosen field, and so take the tough times in your stride. At heart, you couldn't care less about the fripperies on offer. But remember that showing willing will help you - and you might have some fun too!

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