Introducing business school

Explaining the basics of this post-university option
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Want to bulk up your CV and give yourself a bit more time to find a job in business or finance? Consider business school.

Many business schools offer rigorous one-year master's degrees that you can enter straight after your first degree.

They're a practical supplement to an arts, science or social science education, teaching you skills that can be applied in the workplace right away.

They buy you more time to do an internship or find a job: you're still eligible to apply for many graduate schemes when you finish.

Business schools also have excellent careers teams who are focused on finding great jobs for their students.

What could I study?

If you have an eye on the City, why not go for an MSc in Finance? There are many great courses out there, designed so that you can fit in networking and even internships while studying.

If you want to make yourself stand out even more, why not go for a specialist course, such as an MSc in Real Estate Investment or Quantitative Finance, or even Islamic Finance?

Other popular courses that can suit people considering a wide range of career paths in business include MScs in management and marketing.

There are also many specialist courses on offer that can be excellent preparation for working in particular industries or specific career paths - for example, how about studying energy management or the workings of global supply chains?

Where could I study?

A smart strategy might be to head to another European financial centre - for example, Paris, Frankfurt or Rotterdam.

Business schools here have strong local networks, so you'll have a good chance of a job when you graduate.

How can I get a place?

Entry requirements vary from school to school.

Foreign language skills may be required at schools outside the UK, though there are some courses taught in English.

Some require an A-level in maths, but others have designed their courses for people who want to be taught numeracy skills from a basic starting level.

Most schools have rolling application deadlines, but the earlier you apply the better the chance you have of winning a place.

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