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A graduate at Accenture opens his diary to The Gateway
Doing the job

Adam Valentine joined Accenture this September for a year's placement. He opened his diary to The Gateway to show you what a working day for a junior team member here might involve.


Right now, I'm part of the project team that's aiming to increase a client's supply chain efficiency. Our main aim is to provide an IT solution, but there are other aspects too, such as preparing the business for the programme that we ultimately design.

I'm given plenty of responsibility. For instance, I'm often working with the project manager on day-to-day issues - deciding what action needs to be taken, managing the project plan and keeping track of the deadlines. At the moment, I'm more involved in management than in the project itself, but I'm gradually getting to assist more with the technical delivery.

This morning I email every person on the project team to find out how many hours we worked last week, and to input this data into a financial tracker. Doing so is important because these records are used as a basis for the amount that Accenture will charge the client.


I check the outstanding tasks in the project workbook, and note if any weren't discussed on the latest conference call. Then I'll let the project team know, and ask for a progress update.


I really feel like a fully-fledged member of the project team. I'm even organising a social event: a beginner-level dive in the area around Hook, where the project is based. I've just spoken to the local British Sub Aquatic Club to sort out a time.


An ongoing part of my role is to ensure that the project plan is up-to-date. I pick out tasks that should have been done last week and either make sure they've been completed, or extend the timelines accordingly. If there are any potential problems, I refer these to the project manager - there's plenty of support.


Just got back from a meeting to discuss some new work I'll be getting involved in. I'll be taking on more management responsibilities to free up the time of senior team members.


All the IT teams working on the project have sent me their weekly status reports. I carefully update the project workbook with any new issues that have come up.


The project manager calls a meeting to give everyone an update on the project so far. We each spend a few minutes talking about what we're working on, and the issues we've encountered. It's important that everyone knows what's going on.

Next day

*8:30am *

I have a meeting scheduled for 9am, but I come in earlier to go through a new piece of work I've been given on the project. It involves putting together a document that specifies all the client's requirements for the software package we're producing. I've been sent some documents to get a sense of what I'm being asked to do, so I sit and review those.


I go to a meeting about this new piece of work, and we discuss what will be required of me.


I spend some time reviewing the project workbook, and then send it out to the technical delivery team. It needs to be there in time for a conference call at 11am.


The conference call starts, which involves plenty of technical discussion about all the issues and risks which could affect the delivery of the project. I'm responsible for tracking the progress of these issues - including the way they are tackled. I'm even chairing and organising the call.


I have another call with the BSAC to discuss the best time for our dive.


I speak to some key members of the project team to get updates on some outstanding issues.


I'm meeting one of my managers who's about to go on holiday for three weeks. Because he'll be away for such a long time, I'll be taking on some extra responsibilities, including approving timesheets and expenses records.

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