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Narcissistic Leadership
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The narcissistic leadership style is characterized by a focus on individual gain over stakeholder gain. Those who have the characteristics of narcissistic leadership have a tendency to manipulate circumstances and manipulate others, to attain their own goals.

It is sometimes referred to as “Charismatic Leadership”, due to their ability to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. They make employees feel they have a voice and say, and create a self-image so powerful that people are naturally drawn to them. They draw influence by projecting their personality strengths, can be passionate and energetic, but can also be self-centered.

The focus of this style of leadership is self-centered and leaders only do things to gain their own advantage. This can be highly successful in roles that include celebrity, or running for political office.

What does a higher score mean?

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You have a tendency to narcissistic leadership and are highly ambitious to achieve status and admiration even over the wellbeing of others. Continue to leverage your strengths and your ability to influence and lead people.

What does a lower score mean?

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You are not a self-centered leader and don’t have the desire for status, this type of leadership is not likely suited to you. Likely you are low on openness and extraversion and high on agreeableness which is counter to this type of leadership.

To nurture your Narcissistic Leadership:

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Understand your strengths and learn how to leverage them within your current role. Share your energy and passion with your colleagues and increase the feeling of community within your teams. This will increase your candidacy for promotion.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Do you know your strengths?
  • Are you leveraging them?
  • Do you have the opportunity to become an influencer on your team?
  • Do you focus on what you can get out of every situation?

Examples of Narcissistic Leaders:

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