How putting the customer first can increase organizational success

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Client focus is all about achieving excellence in customer satisfaction. It is putting clients needs first and foremost throughout an organization. Keeping the client top of mind when developing processes, or creating products and services.

This kind of focus on the customer can be a strong contributor to business success because it allows the company to only focus on the priorities and eliminate any inefficiencies or unproductive work or roles that do not serve the customer.

Understanding the needs, interests, and wishes of your client is the crucial challenge and the best method to understand that is to get to the root cause, and to define, the customer problem and then strive to solve that problem for them, thereby anticipating and meeting their needs.

What does a higher score mean?

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You strive to always put the customer first, before the needs of all else. You want to ensure you add value for the customer, and thereby improve the success of the organization. You like to understand the people you are serving and producing for, and then adapt what you do to their needs.

What does a lower score mean?

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You do not consider the client the main priority in your work and do not create processes or product to maximize customer satisfaction.

To nurture your client focus:

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When considering your role, tasks, and forward-thinking strategy, put clients at the center of all decisions. If what you are doing does not serve the customer, question if it is necessary to do it in the first place, and if so how you can maximize efficiencies while doing it. Define the customer need for your product or service, and the solution around it. Remember your first customers are your employees, so if you work with an internal client then this also applies.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Are all decision makers empowered to consider client focus?
  • Are non-customer facing teams also encouraged to consider clients in decision-making?
  • If you are in sales, do you consider if promises can be met by the organisation's operational teams?
  • Is customer satisfaction measured?
  • Are there benchmarks to achieve?
  • Are there KPI’s in your organisation to measure delivery of customer promises?
  • Are you rewarded for client focus?
  • Is client focus on the agenda for strategic and team meetings?
  • Are tools and communication available to connect you to the customer?
  • Are you rewarded when you demonstrate a commitment to client focus?

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