How empowerment can encourage engagement and self confidence

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A person who is willing to give and accept responsibility and take initiative to act independently feels empowered. A leader can enable self-determination for their employees, and the ability to make free choices, by give autonomy and responsibility for decision-making in their roles.

Empowerment can allow an employee to feel in control of their life and work. It can help develop confidence and strength, enabling realistic goal setting and for employees to reach their full potential and create more value for an organization.

If employees feel unaware of or undervalue their abilities and skills empowering them can create engagement and a positive perspective about their abilities. Thereby increasing self-efficacy, their perception of competence, control over their lives and positive self-image perceptions of competence, personal control, and positive self-image.

What does a higher score mean?

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You feel highly empowered and self-confident, feeling autonomy and independence in your decision making and faith in your skills and abilities. You demonstrate responsibility in roles and tasks and do not hesitate to move forward confidently.

What does a lower score mean?

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You do not feel empowered, and in fact feel less control over your life and work. Increasing faith in skills and abilities would increase feelings of empowerment.

To nurture your empowered:

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Understand your strengths and weakness, and seek support and counsel to improve skills and increase confidence. Take control of your life, by setting goals, and making positive choices. As a leader, you can demonstrate that you value people and trust them, by delegating decision making and enabling autonomy. Share your vision and direction, then allow employees to take responsibility by creating a positive work environment, providing feedback and encourage self-improvement as required.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Do you ask for input?
  • Do you ask for ideas and thoughts from others?
  • Do you receive positive feedback?
  • Are leaders developed within the organization?
  • Are employees encouraged to stretch their skills and abilities?
  • Is mentoring available when employees need guidance?
  • Is open communication encouraged in the workplace?
  • Are you given autonomy and independence in your role?
  • Are you a decision maker in your role?

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