How strong leadership can instigate loyal and dedicated followers

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Followers are a vital part of organisations, they are people who support a leader or manager, and the ideas and principles they espouse. They often believe in the cause, vision, or the organisational goal, and are clear on their responsibilities to help achieve that goal.

A great leader can motivate followers to believe in something greater than them individually, as followers are attracted to a purpose and vision that is greater than themselves. They will listen, comply, and not only legitimize a leader and his success, but also have the courage to challenge the leader when needed. Never underestimate their impact on the policies and workplace environment.

They prefer to be led and have others make the decisions and take responsibility, however, they can be the most loyal and dedicated of employees.

What does a higher score mean?

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You are a follower, with the courage to challenge and the loyalty and admiration of your leader or cause to follow the path to achieve your organisation’s goals. You like to serve the greater good and follow a leader you believe in.

What does a lower score mean?

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You prefer to lead or set strategy rather than follow another leader’s vision or goals. Good leaders must also know how to follow, but you may prefer to be the decision maker in our workplace.

To nurture further:

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Exhibit enthusiasm and know your responsibilities in the workplace, strive to meet your role requirements and therefore help your organisation achieve its goals. Being emotionally aware allows you to follow a leader without taking it as a personal weakness to be led. Seek to serve the greater good or the bigger vision.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Do you agree with your organisation’s vision?
  • Do you believe in your or your team’s goals?
  • Are you aware of your role responsibilities?
  • Do you adhere to the path set before you?
  • Are you comfortable challenging our leader when you disagree?
  • Do you feel you contribute and add value to the bigger vision?

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