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Being strategic means being able to identify holistic and/or long-term goals and the means of achieving them. The core value of strategic thinking is to plan over a long period of time and see the aspirational goal of your endeavor.

Strategic thinking allows a person to assess, view, and create the future themselves, whether in work life, or personal life. A long-term vision is required to achieve lofty goals and strategic thinking and planning are the means of achieving them.

A CEO must be particularly skilled at defining a strategic direction and influencing others to take a course of action to achieve the goals of the organisation and allocating the resources needed to achieve those goals. No small task! The origin of the word refers to leading an army and can be related to a large organisations workforce, and strategy can encompass innovation, strategic planning and also operational planning.

What does a higher score mean?

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You have a high ability for strategic thinking, able to see the larger picture and vision and the steps required to achieve it. You do not shy away from large and complicated strategic necessities and strive to achieve followers for your vision.

What does a lower score mean?

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You do not excel in strategic thinking, you are fixated on the details of tasks rather than the bigger picture.

To nurture your strategic ability:

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Consider the bigger picture in all you do, try to find answers that are not clearly obvious, that can keep you and your company competitive. Take chances to try new things, to innovate and ideate, always the ultimate goal in mind. If the idea brings you closer to your goal, then consider it. Surround yourself with great thinkers and strategists, this will elevate your capabilities and skills to a higher level.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Do your actions add value?
  • Does your strategy encompass the bigger picture?
  • Do you consider all alternatives?
  • Are you thinking outside the box?
  • Are you surrounded by strategic thinkers?
  • Do you reflect and assess your options?
  • Can you determine connections between ideas, plans, and people?
  • Are you a decision maker?

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