How collaboration and connection can lead to ideation and innovation

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Team oriented people are most effective and efficient when working in a team setting. A team-oriented person works collaboratively with a team in order to achieve a goal, sharing workload and tasks according to the strengths of each team member. A team works together cohesively, creating a positive atmosphere and supporting each other to achieve a common goal.

A team-oriented person will do all in their power to achieve team goals, however, a company’s culture can be the biggest influence on trust and transparency within a team. Teamwork can lead to higher ideation through brainstorming and mutual creativity and support, and therefore innovation if there is a foundation of trust and transparency.

While organisations espouse the value of teamwork and collaboration, rewards are often still on an individual level and therefore do not encourage teamwork. If incentivized correctly they are able to leverage not only the individual strengths of their employees but also the team collectively, which great than the sum of individual efforts.

What does a higher score mean?

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You like to work in teams, see the benefit of collaborative work and believe that working together will get you further than working alone. You enjoy the dynamics of people working in tandem and participate happily in problem-solving and decision-making to improve your value add.

What does a lower score mean?

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You like to work independently and don’t relish the idea of depending on other people for work completion. You would prefer to work autonomously.

To nurture your team orientation:

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Maintain a positive attitude and treat your team members with respect and kindness. Consider the strengths of each individual on your team and how best to leverage them. Create a transparent structure around planning, organising and decision making, where everyone knows all the facts to help the team to determine the best way forward.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Is there trust and transparency in your team?
  • Do you feel the workload is shared evenly?
  • Are your team members reliable?
  • Does your company culture support team collaboration?
  • Does your company reward team achievements?
  • Is there the opportunity to develop and deepen communication within the team?
  • Does your team leverage the strengths of individuals?
  • Do you have the opportunity to give constructive feedback to improve team dynamics?
  • Is there a conflict resolution process in place?

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