How transparency increases trust and buy-in in the organisation

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Transparency is a means of being open, honest, and not concealing information, facts or even emotions. People with this value, cannot for all intents and purposes conceal their true nature or their opinion and can be great at giving feedback and clarity to their colleagues.

In an organisation that means being open, honest and straightforward, with open lines of communication at all times. It can help foster a culture of trust between colleagues, and a leader and their employees. Employees are aware of their role, responsibilities, know the corporate objective and their place in achieving it. Autonomy and transparency can increase employee engagement.

Transparency cannot be ignored with the pervasive use of the internet, everything from a corporate perspective is shared, reported on, and transparent to the world. Creating a culture of transparency internal to the organisation, can circumvent risk. Loyalty can also be gained through transparency as it encourages trust and belief.

What does a higher score mean?

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You are not a transparent person, you hold your cards close to the chest and do not openly share things about yourself or your life.

What does a lower score mean?

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You are not quality driven, sacrificing detail, or brand, in favour of efficiencies, cost savings, or revenue gains.

To nurture your transparency:

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Start slowly by being more transparent with your direct colleagues and your project team. Share your thought process, share the information and knowledge you have, and explain your decisions. Make yourself available to others, allow them to share their thoughts and be transparent with you to gain mutual trust.

Use this checklist for self-evaluation

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  • Are you open with your ideas?
  • Do you share your thoughts with your team?
  • Do you make yourself available to others?
  • How do you respond to honesty?
  • Do you explain the decisions you make to your team?
  • Do you ask others what they need to be successful? And provide it?

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