You'll work hard, but can you work smart too?

In a job in the City, you can’t control how much you have to do. Do you know how to keep things sweet? Try our quiz...
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In a job in the City, you can't control how much you have to do, but you can control how you handle it. Do you know the tricks to keep things sweet? Try our quiz to find out.

1. You've read The Gateway, followed all our career tips and it's your first day in your graduate job at a top City employer! You meet your secretary, who tells you she's been there for fifteen years - that's almost exactly fifteen years longer than you. How do you play things?

a) She's there to assist you, so you pass on some photocopying and ask her to pick up your dry cleaning.

b) You're so busy already that you have no time to talk to her.

c) You get chatting about the best swanky restaurants nearby - she arranges client lunches for some of the senior people, and so is a bit of an expert.

d) She has to remind you to answer your emails.

e) You make sure you stay on her good side, but resolve to be firm in getting her to help you when you need assistance with something important.

2. Someone in your team seems to see you as their secretary, and tries to pass on their menial tasks to you because you're new. How do you respond?

a) Tell them you got five As in your A-levels, were the captain of your university water polo team, and there's no way you've been employed to do work like that.

b) You do the work.

c) At least tasks like these leave the best part of you brain free to plan your social life.

d) You ignore the work.

e) Do the work this time round to show that you're willing to help and can be trusted to get the basics right, but you'll be asking for something more challenging when you hand in what you've done.

3. It's Friday teatime, and you have a weekend away planned. You need to leave within the hour, but are still waiting for that vital piece of information from a client to finalise what you're working on. What do you do?

a) You call the client and demand the information from them.

b) You cancel your travel plans.

c) Several frantic phone calls later, you have persuaded your friends to catch a later train - the fun can't start without you anyway.

d) You send your work out without the missing information.

e) You go, but you'll be checking your emails on the train, and have arranged with your secretary that as soon as the crucial information comes, she'll add it in and send the work out under your name.

4. You're back in the office, and your workload is getting heavier by the hour - and someone wants to give you more work! How do you respond?

a) No-one pesters Lord Sugar like this!

b) You have to take it, don't you?

c) You see another fun-filled evening disappearing behind a stack of paper.

d) You'll take it, but it might not get done.

e) You tell the person trying to give you work that you're very busy already, and won't have time to do the work properly by the deadline.

5. Your big deal has an American dimension, and you've been asked to give an update on your side of things on a call your colleagues in New York are holding. The call is happening in the evening UK time so you get home, put on your pyjamas, dial-in, and wait - and wait. Two hours later, they still haven't got to your bit. What do you do?

a) Loudly announce to all parties on the call that it's time for your input.

b) Make some more coffee, and stay tuned in.

c) Pass the time by emailing your junior colleague in the US, who is as bored as you are.

d) You've fallen asleep.

e) Ask the senior person on your team in the US if you can pass on your information to him so he can give the update on your behalf - it's a waste of your time and the client's money for you to sit in uninvolved.

6. It's your sister's wedding this Saturday! - and you're playing a key role. Unfortunately, work just won't go away, and noises are being made about needing you all weekend. What do you do?

a) You hung your outfit on the back of your office door to show it off weeks ago, and you're fully prepared to start hurling things around if you don't get your own way on this one. Where's that heavy duty stapler?

b) Something old, something new, something borrowed...and something blue - that must be your Blackberry. You'll be tapping away in church, with a champagne glass in your hand, and during the first dance.

c) You go and cry in a colleague's office - this day is really important to you.

d) Your team won't notice if you're not around this weekend.

e) You calmly remind everyone that you made it clear a few weeks ago that you won't be available. As you're always reliable and hardworking, the rest of the team is happy to let you off the hook this time as they understand that it's an important occasion.

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