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While you were busy stuffing your faces with mince pies and glugging buck's fizz in the run-up to Christmas, we at The Gateway decided to make an early New Year's resolution - to find the best, brightest and coolest (since it's The Gateway) students to write about every fortnight. We sent our team of talent spotters out on campuses up and down the country to scout out the crème de la crème of student projects and achievements. And we were seriously impressed with what we found...

Months of preparation and hard work came to a head on the November 27th, 2010 for Imperial College students Bradley Jones and Philip Heurich. It was the first public outing for their brainchild, the UIBS Trading Challenge, which is the first trading game of its kind and was built by them to rival those created for students by investment banks themselves. The game, which recreates a day on an investment banking trading floor, saw 20 teams of aspiring traders going head-to-head to make the most profit, or to earn the most in commission by the end of the day. The rumours which spread among the players made the game all the more realistic - of course, as in real-life trading, some were more accurate than others...

Imperial College Investment Society co-president Philip designed and developed the unique computer programme in his spare time. The studious Mathematics undergrad, who's interned at Credit Suisse and Haussmann Welz Seeger devoted several months to writing the software package, admitting: "At one stage I only slept around four hours per night." Bradley Jones, who shares the role of president with him, organised the sponsoring and advertising of the event. He's previously interned at Citi and J.P. Morgan. He told The Gateway: "I couldn't believe it when I walked into the computer room and saw what resembled in every way a real trading floor: the atmosphere, the conversations and even the body language. It was only then that it hit me - we'd finally accomplished what we had set out to do."

Both Bradley and Philip have told The Gateway that they're planning on pursuing careers in investment banking after they graduate, so a word to the banks - keep your eyes peeled for these two bright sparks. And future bankers - be afraid. Be very afraid!

If you would like to hold a trading game event at your university, you can contact either Bradley or Philip at Dynamic Simulations Partners Ltd. Visit www.dynamicsimulations.co.uk for more information.

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