How can Weavee help you succeed in your career aspirations?

Making Your Career a Success

What does "Weavee" mean?

Weaving is a skill that's been around for thousands of years, it triumphs in the bringing together of thousands of threads and binding them into a single greater picture.

Weavee doesn't just sound the same as this artisan craft it's built on the same concepts. It brings together and binds the threads of your life, whatever they may be to give you a vision of the bigger picture.

Even before the weaving process is finished, other people can start to see the potential design, they make suggestions to inform the final finished output, leading to a better final product overall.

This is exactly how Weavee helps you - supporting your career decisions with a scientifically backed approach which is able to advise you on how your personal workstyles can be leveraged or improved to get you to the next stage in your career.

Throughout the platform we use your Career Personality Appraisal results to inform the articles we suggest to help you be successful in your career. For instance, suggesting what you need to improve in your career personality.

Weavee’s motivation is to address the pain point of the hundreds of thousands of people each year who desire a better career but lack the support they need to drive toward their goals and achieve their ambition. Weavee is built by the very people who have experienced the problem first hand.

Weavee is a tool to empower you as you grow, to inspire and empower you to leverage your strengths and achieve your very best.

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