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History of Weavee

James Grant began Weavee Ltd. at WeWork Aldgate East where he dabbled in the recruitment world and had a solid goal as to where he wanted the product to go, but it needed more… During that six months he learned a lot about what makes a great product. In fact it wasn’t even the product, it was the concept, the core values, the people who learn from each other. The people shape what the company would do, what James wanted to do.

By pushing the Weavee concept, James was able to capture the imagination of the community, to create a collaborative vibe, because everyone could contribute to something that was still evolving. That doesn’t end. Even two years from now there will be things to improve, create, enhance at Weavee. Weavee is something that is going to take a lot of time and effort to finish, it is a big data project which will constantly evolve and get better - a project that will ultimately help more people.

The important part of being a startup in that space was the product was never going to be finished, but during that time it evolved. James was able to use the opportunity at the accelerator to think big, scale the idea and capture the minds of people. He learned not to sell a solution, but to solve a problem. Real world solutions to persistent problems, not products, were the key to success.

Weavee is now in its third soft launch, people are using and loving the product and a strong team has been put in place to take James vision to the next level. The security of the team is allowing him to focus on what the product means to him personally and to create something that he feels has value, creating something that truly has value to individuals seeking career happiness.

James remains committed to his passion, to turn clients dreams into reality.

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