Performance Improvement Plan

Developing a plan for performance is a science and art form

Looking to develop your performance improvement plan? Fortunately, the team here at Weavee is here to help. Since our establishment, we have gained a glowing reputation due to our world-class resources and first-class customer service. Within our website, we have created, assembled and published a wealth of resources and tools so that you can develop your performance improvement plan with ease. For those looking to cover the whole spectrum of topics on our website, you can create your own account to check progress on particular courses and access our resources at any time.

The first step in order to develop a performance improvement plan is to establish the current areas that will need to be improved. To find out this information, we highly recommend taking a look at the TeamDNA test. By combining knowledge and data from public, private and Government sources, we have created a portfolio of information about specific job roles including details on the ideal position roles and workstyle importance.

Your team can then take the test for themselves based around this job role so that the tool can identify the current strengths and weaknesses that can be included within your performance improvement plan. You can then look at the most desirable traits within each role so that you can develop upon these characteristics with your current team, as well as know the most appropriate traits if you are looking for new employees.

With that being said, one of the most important steps to first implement a performance improvement plan is ensuring that the leadership team is influential. This is because all teams rely on a strong foundation, which is why it’s key that all leaders have their own key traits and characteristics. Not only that, but it’s estimated that only 3% of change leaders are pioneering modern ways to attract and engage talent within a team, which is why it’s vital that they are prepared and know how to develop a powerful performance plan to utilise their current team.

To speak to a member of Weavee about your own performance improvement plan, be sure to get send an email to [email protected]. By including your contact details and query, one of our specialists will be in touch shortly to further discuss your plan and provide additional support and information to assist. We are also more than happy to address any questions or concerns, simply include any queries within the email.

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