What is strategic workforce planning?

The corner stone of every successfully growing organisational growth plan SWP leads teams to advance faster and with greater stability

Still trying to find a reliable source for strategic workforce planning? Here at Weavee, we have a wealth of resources and tools that enable us to assist clients in identifying their key personality characteristics for future career progression and job roles. The name Weavee is a play on the word ‘weaving', due to its nature of bringing together thousands of thread to create a single picture that has been contributed on from all sides. For that exact reason, our services are centred around sourcing together resources to create a final result to present to clients, which is our professional platform.

In order to increase your strategic workforce planning quality and depth, it is vital that you have the appropriate skills and traits within your teams in order to efficiently manage and strategically lead a team. Teams which create a strong foundation take into consideration empirically-backed methodologies. Our methodology is rooted in the field of personality psychology. As well as being able to manage a team, it is also vital to know the team you are working with and are correctly enabled to utilise individual skills and personality traits of the people.

In order to be able to measure traits in people and create actionable advice we utilise a wide array of data models and tools in order to better understand an individual's personal characteristics. One of the most acclaimed and utilised examples is called the ‘Big Five’. Using this tool we evaluate five main areas of openness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, agreeableness and extraversion. Although these results are primarily used for individual usage for career and personal usage, they can also be utilised within planning roles, enabling you to utilise your people's current and future skills and personalities for the best results - and highest success chances.

When it comes to the pricing for our strategic workforce planning, we recognise that paying a high price without results is wasting, alot of the industry operates in the way, which is why we have made sure to set our fees at prices that reflect the value being added to your team. That being said, our prices are often seen as very reasonable for the service received, especially considering we estimate to deliver a 5x return on investment when compared to the outcomes warranted.

In order to obtain further assistance with your strategic workforce planning, be sure to head over to the Weavee website today. If you have any questions, we highly recommend emailing us at [email protected], where you can expect a reply shortly after. We are also more than happy to provide additional information, simply let us what you want to find out where we are certain we can assist.

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