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Congratulations on joining Weavee, the start of your career journey, this article has all the links you need to get started.

We built Weavee to help you understand yourself better and challenge the way we all appreciate our strengths and weaknesses. Many tools in this world can measure our preferences and motivations, but unfortunately they almost always leave us saying “so what?” - squandering all the potential value they could be giving to help us improve. We are utilizing a "Cognitive DNA" approach to people to bother measure and transform the way you appreciate yourself and your potential. Start here...

The Weavee Career Dashboard will help you understand the core personality traits and what they mean to you, so you can start engineering your career success.

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All you need to know is the more relevant information you provide to us, the better your job matches, career advice and tailored information we can give to you. Ensure you keep in touch by updating your subscription preferences here:

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We’re here to help, contact us at: [email protected]. You can also help us improve our platform by filling in a survey and offering your advice to us here

You are here to improve your career and personal happiness, we are here to see you achieve this - now let’s make it happen!

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