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Check your digital company fitness

Currently organizations are completely overwhelmed with information. They need a holistic view of their organisations before making large digital changes. But how can organisations make decisions with a lack of transparency? And how can organisations understand the current Digital Transformation state before moving forward?

The enable2grow Digital Fitness Index enables key leaders to successfully understand and drive digital transformation in their organizations, by providing transparency and direction to ensure success.

The enable2grow Digital Fitness Index creates an easy method to check the pulse of your companies ongoing digital transformation journey

Before you start with the next incubator or accelerator, enable2grow Digital Fitness Index allows you a neutral fact based view into your own organization, understand your own digital potential and identify your challenges. As well as to identify the change agents already within the company and who to take on your journey.

The enable2grow Digital Fitness Index creates an easy method to check the pulse of your company’s ongoing digital transformation journey, so your company leaders can successfully understand and drive digital transformation in your organization.

The survey results will make it possible to capture the digital transformation journey within the company and drive it forward successfully by creating transparency and an orientation to ensure success. Based on the feedback, the result provides a holistic view of the company, its strengths and potentials, before major changes are addressed.

How does it work?


Systematically collect valuable employee feedback with the survey


Enables you to recognize your challenges and reveal unforeseen barriers


Allows you to continuously measure and track your progress


Helps to derive tailor-made actions to set up ongoing agile initiatives

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About enable2grow

enable2grow is a well-oiled network of entrepreneurs and experts who have matured with digital business. Our team spirit is evidenced in our joy when we attain sustainable success for our clients. As 'enablers' we use our passion to develop innovative, tailor-made solutions for the digital future of our clients.

What drives us

We are living in a digital world. Your clients communicate digitally, work digitally, shop digitally. It is time for a holistic change. We can help you set your company up for the future.

How we work

Our name is a promise we take very seriously. 'enable2grow' means: we are not capacity driven; we bring together a heterogeneous team from our network of experts all dedicated to approaching your challenges in a holistic manner. We work with your employees to identify concrete growth opportunities and develop a tailored approach – or roadmap – to exploit this potential systematically and step-by-step

What is our focus?

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Recognize opportunities in the market
E2g icon markteintritt credit prosymbol

Prepare your market launch
E2g icon positionierung credit prosymbol

Rethink your positioning
E2g icon digital business aufbauen

Build up digital business
E2g icon innovation credit prosymbol

Anchoring innovation
E2g icon transformation begleiten credit prosymbol

Accompany transformation
E2g icon performance credit prosymbol

Increase performance
E2g icon agil umsetzen

Agile implementation

For further information please visit us at www.enable2grow.com or contact directly - Stefanie Peters: [email protected]