How is Weavee priced?

On average a full implentation of Weavee is able to deliver 5x return on investment when paired to it's affect on the factors of employee engagement, retention and performance, we provide large discounts for longer commitment periods
A lack of TeamDNA understanding is responsible for a large amount of team issues, aim to get it right every time at a market leading price point
Most tools require purchasing 1 psychometric at a time. It's inefficient and limits your ability to get value, we are on a mission to help transform the industry and improve the accessibility across your teams. We price based on the value we can add to your team.

Upto 250 people

£1275 per month

Upto 1000 people

£2750 per month

Above 1,000 people

Custom Pricing

Pilot implementation
- upto 100 people -

Custom pricing

Team Science Workshop
- upto 10 people -

Custom pricing

Trait allocation demonstration
- full demo -

Free, on request